OpenClarity is an open source platform to enhance security and observability of cloud native applications and infrastructure.

OpenClarity delivers:

  • Agent-less detection and managements of vulnerabilities, exploits, malware and misconfigurations for VMs and Container Images
  • Capabilities for runtime scans of Kubernetes and CI/CD pipelines
  • Comprehensive API security for internal and third-party APIs

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Security icon

Comprehensive Security

Holistic cloud native threat detection, mitigation and security for VMs, containerized workloads and APIs across all layers of infrastructure

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Open Source and Customizable

Organizations can tailor the platform to meet their security and observability requirements. Being open source, OpenClarity offers Freedom to innovate for the community.

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Alignment with Cloud Native Principles

OpenClarity supports modern application architectures, making it a natural fit for organizations embracing cloud native technology

  • Try it now VM security architecture
  • Try it now Kubernetes security architecture
  • Try it now API security architecture