Schedule runtime scan

To schedule a runtime scan that runs at a specific time, complete the following steps. You can also configure recurring scans to periodically scan your namespaces.

  1. Open the UI in your browser at http://localhost:9999/.

  2. From the navigation bar on the left, select Runtime Scan.

  3. Click Schedule Scan.

    Runtime scan > Scheduled scan

  4. Select the namespace or namespaces you want to scan.

    Select namespace

  5. (Optional) If you have already configured CIS benchmarks, you can select CIS Docker Benchmark to enable them for the scheduled scan.

  6. Set the type of the scan.

    • Later: Run the scan once at the specified time.
    • Repetitive: A recurring scan that runs periodically.

    Set scan type

  7. Set the time of the scan, then click SAVE.

    • For a one-time scan, set the date and time when it should run.
    • For a repetitive scan, set its frequency.
    Set scan date
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