First tasks on the UI

Configure your first scan

  1. Open the UI.

    1. Open the VMClarity UI in your browser at http://localhost:8080/. The dashboard opens.

      VMClarity UI Dashboard

    2. (Optional) If needed, you can access the API athttp://localhost:8080/api. For details on the API, see API reference.

  2. Click on the Scans icon. In the Scans window, you can create a new scan configuration.

    VMClarity UI Scan
  3. Click New scan configuration.

    VMClarity Scan Setup - Step 1
  4. Follow the steps of the New scan config wizard to name the scan, and identify the AWS scope (region, VPC, security groups, etc). The following example shows the AWS us-east-2 region, a specific VPC, and the vmclarity-demo-vm EC2

    VMClarity Scan Setup - Step 2
  5. Enable the scan types you want to perform.

    VMClarity Scan Setup - Step 3
  6. Select the time and/or frequency of the scans. To run the scan immediately, select Now.

    VMClarity Scan Setup - Step 4
  7. Click Save. The new scan appears on the Scan Configurations tab.

    VMClarity Scan Config Summary
  8. Once a scan is finished, you can browse around the various VMClarity UI features and investigate the security scan reports.

    VMClarity Scan List VMClarity Dashboard with Findings